Mega Rainbow Waffle Bath Bomb

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These bath bombs will fill any bath time experience with a wonderful array of colours! Filled with embeds made with the colours of the rainbow, they will help add to the rainbow delight that will soon fill your bath tub. 

Scented with black raspberry and vanilla fragrance, it is a classic favourite that has a spirited combination of blackberries and raspberries head this alluring fragrance with pretty, white florals at its core, harmonised by resounding notes of creamy vanilla and luscious musk.

Made with body safe colorants, they can be used for kids as young as two years old. 

Place the mega waffle bath bomb in the tub of water and watch as it bubbles and foams away, filling your tub with all the colours of the rainbow!

Net weight: 300g approx. 

Bicarbonate soda, citric acid, extra virgin olive oil, cream of tartar, sodium lauryl sulphoacetate, polysorbate 80, fragrance, body safe colourant.