Mini Pigtail Sets - Original Style

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Gorgeous, handmade faux leather/glitter bows made especially for your Little Miss. The perfect hair accessory for any occasion. 

This set comes with two bows:
 Pink Set: One pink glitter bow & one faux leather bow.
Blue Set: One blue glitter bow & one faux leather baby blue bow. 
❤ Green/Cream Set: Green glitter bow & one faux leather cream bow
 Purple Set: One purple glitter blue & one faux leather purple bow. 
❤ Mustard/Glitter Set: One mustard faux leather bow & one party cake glitter bow. 

This bow set is available in the one size: 
 Small - 6CM 

These sets can be made into hair clips only. 

All our beautiful bows are handmade using high quality fabrics. Each bow is lightweight and suitable for even a newborn. 

This is not a toy and is made of small materials that a child can potentially choke on. Please supervise your child when they are wearing these products and remove them before they sleep/nap.

Colours may vary due to monitor settings.

❤ Overtime you fabric bows may fray. Just trim the loose ends and should be good to go :) 
 DO NOT machine wash. Spot clean ONLY!