Blue Gingham School Bow Set

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School Bow Set

Are you looking for kids hair accessories that’ll perfectly match your daughter’s school uniform? Or just colour coordinated bows? If you answered yes, then these School Bow Set,  will certainly help you be prepared for all things school bows.

These handmade children's hair accessories come in three colours. Each set includes one of the following bows: 

  • 1x Gingham Dolly Fabric Felt Bow - 8.5CM

  • 1x  Glitter Indie Bow - 7CM

  • 1x Faux Leather Bowknot bow -  7-8cm 

  • x1  Velvet Ribbon bow - 10cm

Our wonderful school bow set is perfectly worn with uniforms that have a high contrast of colours in them (i.e. white tops and black skirts). Be sure to get these kids hair bows before your little one starts school, to ensure she's got some of the most stylish bows in class ;)